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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Lean Sigma Design,
Six Sigma Robustness
Lean Optimization
Agile Execution
Design for Six Sigma

Human Error Reduction

Human Error Reduction

Human Error Reduction programs & apps
Picture Process Map (PPM) software
Goal Orientation Learning Programs
Documentation/HDMI screen design

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We provide you with a beautiful working place that your work is productive to growth your business.

Business Excellence Planning
Business Excellence Planning

OP EX Master Planning and Strategy execution systems that deliver transparent short and long term goals & targets

Planning For The Future
Planning For The Future

Lean Sigma plant design
Change Management
Servant Leadership
Hybrid organisation to assist a firm optimize their operations

Growth Expansion
Growth Expansion

Execution of targeted Lean Sigma projects delivering on bottom line profitability of a Biopharma Org

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Supporting a hotel group prioritise areas of pain through data based problem solving on so they can optimize profitability and reduce costs.


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"Faaltech's Lean Sigma Design program saved us a lot of pain."
"Faaltech's human error reduction" support transformed our approach."
"Faaltech's expertise and ability to follow the data when others couldn’t really opened the door for our organisation."
"Faaltech's High Containment API Manufacturing expertise really made a difference to our plant safety design & culture"

Recent Feedback about Faaltech collaborations Pat O'Leary : Founder & CEO

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