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We provide operational excellence services & technology products to grow your process and business excellence needs across the globe through our strategic network of partners.

Human Error Reduction Services

Human Error Reduction Services

Picture Process Map (PPM®) MS Word add-in
Human Error Reduction Leadership Training
Human Error Investigation Diagnostics
Human Error Opportunity Analysis
Goal Oriented Learning™
Error Resistant Document Design
Error Resistant Screen Design

High Containment API Pharma Design, Tech Transfer Manufacturing

High Containment API Pharma Design, Tech Transfer Manufacturing

Analytical method transfer support,
Quality by design planning,
High potency laboratory scale-up,
High Potency API Plant Design Consulting,
Validation planning,
Commercial Lot Robustness.
3rd party Quality Auditing.

Operational Excellence deployment

Operational Excellence deployment

EU Service provider R&S Clients
Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS)
Six Sigma Deployments
LeanSigma Deployments
Lean Deployment Services
Lean Profit Hunt
Agile Vision Workshops
Lean Sigma CAPEX Design,
Team & Influence Skills for Belts
Accredited Certification YB to MBB

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