Faaltech Technologies Ltd is an Enterprise Ireland supported company that commenced life in 2010 as a real time water monitoring company developing optical and electro-chemical sensors and communication platforms to rapidly detect changes in water quality. The company developed Nitrate ions and optical pH sensors with its MTU CAPPA center partners via FP7 & Enterprise Ireland research projects.

Faaltech’s education management & pharmaceutical services also successfully commenced late 2010, delivering six sigma services and lean training to the pharmaceutical sector with the support of its partner Rath & Strong Inc. Faaltech first client for these services was Pfizer. Over the last 13 yrs we have worked with many Pharma, Biopharma, Chemical, Financial Services, Media, Industry, Customer Service, EU, Local Public service, Tech, FinTech and Hospitality sector clients

In 2011 Faaltech commenced delivering pharmaceutical manufacturing, technical transfer and engineering design support services to CMO & Generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in mainly in the USA, EU region & South East Asia.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Technical Transfer /development

  • HPAPI Technical Transfer execution for all API chemistry challenges
  • Quality by Design deployment
  • Laboratory Trial & ANDA/Regulatory submission support
  • Asset acquisition & logistics
  • Supplier auditing and management
  • Validation documentation support
  • Analytical Method Transfer support
  • Statistical support for process development and submission

Due to client demand over the last 13 years  Faaltech has expanded its education management and operational excellence deployment services to following;

End to End Operational Excellence Deployment Support in 

  • Strategy Program deployment
  • Design For Lean Six Sigma /Quality By Design deployment
  • Change Management
  • Agile workshops
  • Lean Sigma Plant Design
  • Six Sigma/Lean Sigma & Lean deployment & coaching
  • Team & Influence Skills for Belts
  • Lean Profit hunt workshops

We deliver Rath & Strong Inc  Accredited Certification Programs & Coaching to legacy clients

Rath & Strong’s leadership in Six Sigma is built on pioneering work in statistical process engineering, process improvement, organizational change, and customer connection. They were the first to integrate technical and behavioral change to help companies achieve lasting change. In the 1980s, Rath & Strong were the first to bring Lean methods from Japan and adapt them for U.S. companies. Faaltech is very proud to be offering Rath & Strong’s Op Ex and leardership programs since 2010.

  • Six Sigma (white to black belt)
  • Lean Sigma (white to black belt)
  • Lean
  • Lean Master
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belts
  • Strategy Program deployment
  • Design For Lean Six Sigma /Quality By Design deployment
  • Change Management
  • Agile workshops
  • Lean Profit hunt workshops
  • Six Sigma/Lean Sigma & Lean deployment & coaching
  • Team & Influence Skills for Belts

A key company competency is our  Human Performance Enhancement technologies and competency training with our partners Desertfire Online as their EMEA/USA distributor.

Desertfire Online (previously know as Talsico) have been world leaders in Human Error Reduction for 30years. They specialise in Workplace Learning, Effective Visual Procedures, Document & Form Design, Process Picture Maps (PPM) Goal Oriented Learning, Learning Units, Performance Improvement, Learning Transfer. Faaltech’s relationship with Talsico goes back over 17 years. We have been providing distribution partnership/service for Desertfire Online since 2014. Our services include

  • Science of Human Error programs
  • Microsoft Word PPM Paper based & Video Procedures-Best in the market
  • Human Error Reduction Training -Diagnostic/Investigation
  • Human Error Reduction Opportunity Analysis
  • Goal Orientated Learning programs
  • Document & Screen Design

As a company Faaltech continued to expand its service and product offerings through exciting partnerships and collaborations .

Faaltech teamed up with Teamassurance Ltd to become its distribution & training partner in the EU.

Teamassurance is an Operational Excellence Software application which substantially reduces the administration burden of executing operational excellence/business excellence strategies within organizations. The application provides the following services,

  • Tiered Daily Management System.
  • Improvement Project Management.
  • Strategy Development & Deployment.
  • Consolidated Alerts & Notifications.
  • Decision Supports/Analytics.
  • Collaboration everywhere on any screen or mobile device.
  • Elimination of OP EX Administration.

TeamAssurance operational excellence is truly one of the most thought through and innovative operational excellence solutions on the market. Most of its client user don’t realize how powerful it is until after they have been using. This product transforms organizations. Our TeamAssurance is the digital Continuous Improvement platform that boost productivity and develop problem-solving skills in your frontline people while transforming transparency and goal alignment across an organisation.

Faaltech enters a partnership with “The Lean Six Sigma Company” to run their Ireland operations

The Lean Six Sigma Company (TLSSC) are a specialist Lean Six Sigma education management company that delivers training through a world class innovative learning platform – via Classroom/Virtual & Blended Classroom settings. The organization  delivers 17+Lean & Lean Six Sigma course to Companies(In-Company) and by Open Enrollment . Their courses include EQF,  ISO18404 & ISO13053 accredited programs delivered all year round in 25 + countries and through 10 different languages by 40+ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts worldwide. The Lean Six Sigma company operates in all sectors of business and public services from micro business or sole participant to global organizations. Quite simply “The Lean Six Sigma Company” are global leaders in lean six sigma.

Lean Courses

  • Lean Thinking
  • Lean Practitioner
  • Lean Leader
  • Lean Expert/Lean Master program

Lean Six Sigma Courses

  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt for service sector
  • Black Belt for Industry sector
  • Master Black Belt program
  • Kaizen event training
  • Lean Six Sigma Management Awareness
  • Lean Six Sigma Sponsor & Champion course
  • Minitab latest version -In Company only
  • Kaizen event workshops and training
  • Lean Six Sigma Roadmap workshops
  • Change management

Self Pace Webinar Courses via The Total Productivity Company(A sister company of TLSSC)

  • Online Basic statistics
  • Lean Six Sigma tasting
  • Healthcare Yellow Belt
  • 5S Management
  • Online Yellow Belt course
  • Lean Six Sigma Starter pack
  • Online Lean Six Sigma Sponsor and Champion