TeamAssurance is an Operational Excellence Platform, designed to both accelerate and sustain Lean transformation

Imagine all your operations information at your fingertips. Everything in one place, on one platform, available to everyone, with next to zero administration. It’s not a reality for most. Despite the many efficiencies we’ve gained, organizations are typically siloed with disconnected systems and spreadsheets. Valuable engagement requires a taxing administrative overhead, and frontline operations activities are separated from continuous improvement efforts.

What if you could connect topline strategy to frontline activity and create an operations culture that is transparent, accountable, engaged and aligned?

TeamAssurance is a digital application, available on phones, tablets, desktops and touchscreens, that empowers your people to scale and sustain Lean operations, improves leadership agility and gives a voice to frontline employees.

We’re different.

We’re not a point solution.
We manage everything that can happen at a site in a given day, week or year – covering Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, People and Environment. We help to break down the functional silos to activate cross-collaboration.

We’re not only for the busy few
It’s not more complex software for ‘admins’ or already overly desk bound team leaders and managers. TeamAssurance is designed frontline-first, and intended to be used by 100% of your site’s teams. TeamAssurance gives leadership the visibility, oversight and governance to confidently delegate and free up time for more strategic initiatives.

We’re not a campaign with an end date
Teams at any level of Lean maturity simply begin from where they are on day 1 and continuously progress from there. Because TeamAssurance is digital, it is available 24/7 to develop problem-solving skills, build a safety culture and create self-sustaining teams.